Current Mood: Spring 2020 Collection

Current Mood: Spring 2020 Collection

Vonbloom founder and head-designer Meghan McMackin talks us through her debut collection—the inspo, the intention, and what comes next.

What inspired your debut collection?

“Women are so multifaceted, I didn’t want to design for one style or one image—I don’t dress like that, no one does! We are dynamic, thoughtful, intentional and I wanted these pieces to reflect that. The debut collection is about a balance between subtle and bold. It’s about well-made pieces you can wear this season and next, pieces that take you wherever you’re going, pieces that feel both timeless and current. I wanted to give her a truly representative collection, a range that shows her who we are while still being her and lets her in on what’s to come.”

How did the design process begin?

“I started by thinking about the staple pieces that I want—how do I update those? What do I want to wear for a night out or on vacation? How do I make jewelry a natural fit in the day-to-day lives of women? How do I make it easy? I wanted her to have it all—so if she wants to wear her hoops with overalls on Monday, with a pretty sundress on Tuesday, and her cocktail attire on the weekend, she can.”  

What are some of your favorite trends?

“Hoops and florals, always. They are such no-brainers when it comes to jewelry and I love finding new ways of making them feel fresh and modern. I have also loved playing with color. I love that the fashion world has started to become more shameless with color, going bright and bold.” 

What challenges did you run into?

“I’m obsessed with fashion, but a basics girl at heart, so one of my biggest challenges was finding that balance between being both timeless and fashion-forward.. Sometimes it seems challenging to merge trends with personal style and this collection proves that it doesn’t have to be. I design for every style, every personality, every mood.” 

What was the most important thing to you in creating this collection?

“Two things. I wanted it to be easy and the quality wonderful. Jewelry should be fun and expressive—it’s not science. Second—I needed sustainability to play a big part in this, using recycled materials, working with conscious partners, it’s something I am passionate about in my personal life and something that I hope to weave into every one of my collections.”