Our Story

About The Brand

Your Style, In Bloom. We make accessories that add beauty to every day. Simple pleasures to put a bit of luxury into your life. Each piece we create is a personal touch that's thoughtful, considered and yours. It's not complicated. And that's how we like it.
Simply put: The right accessories can help amplify a message, a style, a day- and that's our specialty.
Plus, we make all our products as responsibly as we can. Because some things (like our planet) don't have the luxury of off-days. So we do our best to create as small an impact as possible on our environment while creating jewelry that has a big impact on your day.
About The Founder
From an early age, Meghan McMackin knew her calling was design. She studied at Central St. Martins in London and earned her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. After working with designer Ranjana Khan, Meghan took over the reigns of the J.Crew jewelry business,  nearly doubling revenue during her tenure. At J.Crew, Meg fell in love with the conversation she was able to have with the customer through her designs.  While her jewelry has been worn by Michelle Obama, Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce (to name a few), it was just as thrilling to see them being worn by women on the street in New York City. 
In Spring 2020, Meghan launched Vonbloom, a line of thoughtfully designed accessories. The collection is a way of continuing that conversation with the customers she has always felt so connected to. She aims to make women feel celebrated and revered, any day of the week.